About the Moderator

My name is Brin.   I am a school chaplain and Episcopal priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.  I began thinking about food and faith just about five years ago.  There was no earth shattering epiphany that brought me to the realization that God was calling me to explore this intersection of eating and believing, but rather, I finally opened my eyes to two things that have always been important in my life, but which I had never put together before.  Since then I’ve found numerous organizations and projects to be involved with that combine these two loves, which has both deepened my faith and made me ever more appreciative of the gift of food in my life.

I am also a wife and mother of three young children, an avid reader, sewer, knitter, cook and cleaner.  I often joke that I missed my true calling as a homemaker, but in reality I have been blessed to be able to do all these things and also participate in a vibrant ministry of serving God and God’s people through the Episcopal Church–think Martha Stewart meets Barbara Brown Taylor.

I’m not sure where this journey will take me, but so far I have been blessed by God’s abiding presence with me as I have been exploring the contours of this developing food ministry.  My most sincere hope is that I can be as faithful to God as God has been to me.  I invite your feedback, either here in the comments section, or by email at mattersoffoodandfaith@gmail.com.  Thank you for visiting this site.  I hope you find something here that feeds you.


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