About the Matters of Food and Faith Project

Thanks for checking in!  Matters of Food and Faith is a blog about food–cooking, eating, farming, gardening, shopping for food, etc.–but with a faith perspective.  I initially began this blog not really knowing how it would take shape, but trusting that God would show me the way.  To that end, I am still very much in discernment and the contours and definitions of this project are still coming together.  Ultimately, I hope to create a web presence that provides some thoughtful reflection about the role of food for people of faith, but I hope that not all of the reflections on it will be my own.  If you are reading this thinking, I’d just love to write something about food and faith, then please contact me about submitting a piece to be considered.

On a technical note, I am in the process of migrating this blog from its previous blog-hosting platform to this new WordPress site, but it’s a time consuming process, and I’m no ‘techie’ so this is all new to me.  More information will be available shortly, so please check back again.

If you would like to contact me, please send me an email at mattersoffoodandfaith@gmail.com.


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