Making Seed Balls with Other Episcopal Foodies


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Frederick Buechner, a novelist and Christian writer, famously wrote, “The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” At no point in my life has this been truer for me than when I started exploring ministry through food. Continue reading

Ignatius at the Grocery Store


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It’s as easy to overlook God’s hand in the world as it is to think eating strawberries on Valentine’s Day in New England is natural. But there is surprise all around us. Everywhere God is waiting to be discovered. We can see God’s handiwork in the sheer abundance of what is available in our supermarkets, as well as in the smaller details, like the sun-ripened Florida oranges or the dirt-flecked Idaho potatoes.
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To Care is to Want to Care


The God that compels the Israelites to feed the poor and to care for the land is the same God that can transform our hearts and minds so that we can become people who do feed the poor and care for the land despite our distance from the land and often too, from those in need. Continue reading